Graph Ghost! 👻 is developer tooling which aims to cut down on development times when prototyping new ideas. I made this application in order to assist small teams and start-ups by allowing them to get a fully functioning Back-End GraphQL API in a matter of minutes.  The user simply fills out a questionnaire about their data and Graph Ghost goes ahead and creates:

  • A NodeJS application which forwards GraphQL queries to the resolvers and implements the strict GraphQL Schema and Mongoose connection.
  • Mongoose Models for each entity which is created within the questionnaire.
  • A GraphQL Schema which declares how data should look in the application.
  • A GraphQL Resolver which declares what actions should be taken when the query or mutation is called.

Graph Ghost to date my proudest project and tied nicely into my dissertation which was titled:

  • Graph Ghost: Streamlining the Creation of GraphQL APIs With an Aim to Analyse Their Benefits Against Traditional RESTful Services