Who Am I?

I am a Sheffield based Software Developer and Network guy who loves to learn new things. I'm currently studying at Sheffield Hallam where I am working towards a BSc in Computing (Web Development).

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What's My Tech Stack?

  • React - I love to make things in React. Everything from WordPress plugins to Mobile Applications, I have utilized React for many different types of projects and I love the versatility of it. It's like a swiss army knife, you can throw anything at it and there will be a way to do it in React.

  • PHP - Originating from a WordPress background, PHP was my first exposure to programming. I love to write PHP and appreciate the ways in which CMS systems which utilize PHP are designed. I use PHP as the backend for most of my projects whether that be Web Backends, Authentication or more recently controlling IoT devices.

  • Other - Angular, Redux, NodeJS, Grails, .Net, C#, MySQL/MariaDB and NoSQL (MongoDB) databases. Git, Bash, Linux, Apache, Booststrap, Foundation, GraphQL and REST APIs.

What Am I Passionate About?

  • Usability - Everything I design and build, I make with the end user in mind. I want to make the UX as painless and simple as possible.

  • Open Source - Open Source brings together community and is unrivalled when it comes to increasing the speed and preformance of the final product.